About Kwelamathongo Funeral Services

You came to this page because of one question, why must you join or support KwelamaThongo Funeral Services? Well, Because There Is A Difference. Simple.

KwelamaThongo Funeral Services has decades of experience from staff members who worked for major funeral homes in Southern Africa. We pride ourselves as we are continuing to equip our team with the relevant information, so that we can provide less complicated and legal funeral services.

Our Core Values
Committed To Excellence.
Compassionate Funeral Service.
Creating a Wow Experience.
Modern Service With Traditional Dignity.
Respectful and Professional.

Our Vision
KwelamaThongo Funeral Services to make it easier to grieve for your loved ones, while we deal with the challenges of funeral arrangements.

Our Mission
To provide the best service to every client that has trusted us with their love once, with family love and dignity.

We’re dead serious about this business….!